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What Is Echolalia?

Have you ever noticed that your child or loved one tends to repeat words and phrases they hear? This is a common characteristic of autism. But what is its purpose and how should we respond?

Matthew's Story

There is definitely a lot more awareness regarding autism now than when my son Matthew was little. During a trip to Texas, we stayed at a Holiday Inn. The restaurant was next to the swimming pool, and kids were playing and laughing. The stimulation was too much for him...

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A Week of Camp for Children with Autism

Many children with a diagnosis like autism, sickle cell disease, or asthma cannot attend a typical summer camp because they need specialized support. Too often, that means they miss out on the independence, confidence, and friendships that other children find at an overnight camp. Dragonfly Forest was established to provide a week of summer camp to children with autism or special medical needs. The program is donation-supported, allowing children of all socioeconomic backgrounds to attend.

Your donation through this Gift That Gives More™ covers the cost of food for one child at one day of camp.

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